Floki Millions

Floki Millions (MILLIONS)

Floki Millions will rise where other Flokis have fallen! He's not just your average meme token, he's a trendsetter of the highest order!


Floki Millions embodies the mantra: work hard and play harder! He's worked hard for every cent he has and now he lives the good life. Floki Millions knows how tough it is to get ahead in the world today so he's here to teach you the secrets to his wealth. Stick with Floki Millions and let him show you the shortest way to riches beyond your wildest imagination!

What is Floki Millions?

$MILLIONS is the year's hottest lottery token with massive weekly jackpot drawings. With our one-of-a-kind lottery smart contract, you’ll earn reflections in BNBs regardless of $MILLIONS volume. This means more money in your wallet! Floki Millions is the moonshot you've been waiting for!

Lottery Highlights

  • Weekly giveaways starting with $10,000 in prizes on Dec 31
  • Massive Telsa Model 3 draw!
  • Floki Millions Moonshot Jackpot draw starting after a successful Phase II
  • Earn rewards in BNB for staking $MILLIONS in our staking pool


Whitelisted Pre-sale

When: December 22nd 2021 @ 19:00 UTC
Where: Pinksale
Softcap: 125 BNBs
Hardcap: 250 BNBs
Contribution limits: 0.1 BNB (min) - 1.0 BNB (max)
Liquidity: 60%

Public Launch

When: December 23rd 2021 @ 19:00 UTC
Where: PancakeSwap
Last modified 1yr ago