Floki Millions

ETH Launch

Q: When will Floki Millions launch on ETH?
A: TBA, although it will happen before the end of January 2022.
Q: Should I sell my existing tokens?
A: No! You can move your tokens over to ETH and sell then at a higher price!
Q: Will I get taxed when sending my tokens over to ETH?
A: No.
Q: Will I receive the same amount of tokens when I move over to ETH?
A: Yes
Q: Why are we launching on ETH?
A: ETH investors are known to invest large sums into projects & HODL long-term.
Q: What are the benefits to the existing HOLDERS?
A: The price of ETH will moon and you can send your tokens over to sell at a much higher price, making more profit than in BSC.
Q: Can I buy more tokens now?
A: Yes! Increase your moonbag before ETH launch!
Should you have any other questions or concerns feel free to message someone from the team!
Last modified 1yr ago