Floki Millions


Each week, lucky investors will be rewarded through random drawings at the end of the week. The more tickets you hold, the better your chances of winning prizes are! (Team wallets are excluded from these drawings).
The lottery will be gradually rolled out in three phases.
  • Phase I - Weekly draws, $10k in prizes
  • Phase II - Weekly draws, Telsa Model 3 giveaway
  • Phase III - Weekly draws - lottery smart contract for first Floki Millions Moonshot Jackpot

Phase I

When: 12/27 - 1/5
Drawing: 1/5 at 24:00 UTC
In order to be eligible for the first lottery, you must complete the following:
  • Officially register here.
  • Hold at least 250M $MILLIONS in your wallet when we do the drawing.


  • Top prize: $5000
  • Second prize: $2500
  • Third prize: $1000
  • Then 4th through 6th will get $500 each

How Tickets Are Awarded

The best way to get lottery tickets is to purchase lots of $MILLIONS and hodl!
The main way in which tickets will be awarded is based on the number of $MILLIONS you hold in your wallet. Each day, at a random time, we will perform a BSCscan export and award 1 lottery ticket per 5M $MILLIONS held in each wallet above the minimum threshold of 250M $MILLIONS.We will post the exact time the export is done each day and the results for transparency. For example, we do BSCscan export on Dec. 27th at 18:07 UTC and your wallet has 435M $MILLIONS in it.
  • 435M - 250M = 185M
  • 185M / 5M per ticket = 37 tickets awarded for that day
If your wallet does not contain at least 250M $MILLIONS when we do the BSCscan export, you will not receive any tickets that day!

Bonus Tickets

You can earn bonus lottery tickets by being active in the community:
  • Winners of shilling competition(s) will be awarded the number of tickets as outlined in the competition details
  • Winners of games in the Telegram channel can earn bonus tickets
  • The team and moderators will award tickets to those members of the community who are particularly engaged and contribute positively to the community - think of it like a spot bonus!
  • We will also announce special happy hours during which investors who buy a certain number of $MILLIONS tokens will be awarded tickets at a special rate.

How the drawing will be done

On Jan 1st at 24:00 UTC, we will host a (recorded) VC during which we'll share a screen and show the code used to execute the random number generation and draw the winning tickets. We'll call the "Pick the winning ticket" function and show the results on the screen.Once we're done with the drawings (6 in total) we'll send the prizes to the winning wallets from the lottery wallet.The transaction hashes will be posted and pinned for transparency.

How the prizes will be distributed

We will send the prizes from the lottery wallet directly to the winner's wallets. We will post the transaction hashes to the community for proof of transfer and pin them.

Phase II

After 2 weeks of mooning, our lottery wallet will be nice and full and it will be time to give that back to the community!
During Phase II, we will give one lucky holder a Tesla Model 3.


  • Top prize: Tesla Model 3
  • Other prizes: smaller $USD giveaways

Phase III

During Phase III, we will deploy a new smart contract that will feature a locked liquidity pool. This liquidity pool will hold the funds for our exclusive Floki Millions Moonshot Jackpot. We will move money from the lottery wallet to the locked liquidity pool nightly. It's important to highlight that we CANNOT remove the money from this pool.
This smart contract will also have all the logic for hosting the weekly drawings. It will be completely transparent, audited, and secure so our lottery is fair.
There's some secret sauce here so keep reading...

Floki Millions Moonshot Jackpot

The way our Moonshot Jackpot works is:
  • You go to our website and choose how many of your tokens you want to send to a staking contract address in exchange for lottery tickets. For example, if the exchange rate is 1 ticket per 10M tokens and you send 50M tokens to the contract address, you'll get 5 lottery tickets
  • These tokens will be locked for a period of time meaning you cannot remove them until after the lock period expires
  • In addition to sending tokens to a contract address, you'll pay a small fee to "activate" your lottery tickets

The Fee Explained

We'll charge a small number of BNBs to "activate" your staked tokens and turn them into valid lottery tickets (think: get numbers assigned to your tickets).
The fee will be allocated as follows:
  • 70% - locked liquidity pool
  • 20% - reflections in BNBs
  • 10% - lottery administrative fees
The MASSIVE thing here is, if you stake your tokens you will earn reflections in BNBs that are INDEPENDENT of the volume of $MILLIONS! Your rewards will come from the fee people pay to play the lottery.
Here's an example for the Floki Millions Moonshot Jackpot:
  • Entrance fee: 0.1 BNB per ticket
    • 70% to the jackpot LP (0.07 BNB)
    • 20% reflections to stakers (0.02 BNB)
    • 10% administrative fees (0.01 BNB)

How the lottery works

Each week, we will use our smart contract to draw random numbers and display them on the webpage. If someone has lottery a ticket that matches these numbers they will win the jackpot. If not, the "active" tickets will be deactivated and users must re-activate by paying a small fee again. (This fee will be allocated as described above).
We will fund this jackpot liquidity pool using the lottery wallet from $MILLIONS in addition to allocating 70% of the ticket activation fee.
The beauty of this system is that it OPENS our closed token ecosystem and gets money flowing in AND gives rewards to those who stake their tokens regardless of what's going on with the $MILLIONS volume. MIND = BLOWN!
In addition to the main jackpot, we will have a smaller weekly jackpot with a lower entrance fee so even more investors can buy-in and win prizes.